Terms of use
About the Kalendar application
The Kalendar application, a product of Datanetic Solutions, is about scheduling appointments online. The application is aimed at small and large businesses that aim to manage their appointments easier and more efficiently. With the free registration in the Online application, the user is given access to the application.
By subscribing to the Kalendar application, you agree that you will use the services of the application exclusively for personal or business purposes. Any other use is prohibited. You may not use the services of the application for mass distribution of e-mail (spam), advertising-promotional actions, phishing, spam, and any other action that is characterized as illegal, abusive, hateful or harmful. Any finding of one of the above gives Datanetic Solutions the right to permanently terminate the user’s access to the application and its services. The company is not responsible for the information transmitted by users through the application.
Content rights of the Kalendar application
The entire content of the application (texts, images, graphics, drawings, service marks, photographs, services provided) are the exclusive intellectual property of Datanetic Solutions and are protected by Greek and international law.
Datanetic Solutions cannot guarantee that the services provided by the Kalendar application meet the user’s expectations. There are no guarantees for the valid, continuous and safe use of the services provided by the Kalendar application. The use of the services of the application as well as any download and / or upload of file is made at the sole responsibility of the customer-user. Datanetic Solutions and Kalendar are not responsible for any loss or damage or damage to your computer software, or any device used directly or indirectly to use or access the application.
Application Services - Login
The Kalendar application provides the user with the ability to create and edit event types for use as appointment booking links. Email is used and all information and data is stored in the Cloud.
Connecting to the app requires an email account and internet access. The operation is possible from a browser supported by the application.
By registering and accessing the Kalendar application you agree to declare your information (email, first name, last name, organization information).
Datanetic Solutions maintains the right to temporarily or permanently suspend access to the Kalendar application and even delete your account without notice if even one of the information you have provided is not true, accurate and complete.
With each registration in the Kalendar application you enter the free package with the possibility of upgrading according to your needs, in monthly or annual packages. Activation of a non-free package presupposes the payment of the total value of the package through electronic payment methods. The user is obliged to renew the subscription package within three (7) calendar days before its expiration. Payment is made exclusively through the Kalendar application. In case the subscription expires without renewal then your package will return to the free plan without losing its data. The user has the option to switch to a package smaller or larger than what he has already selected. This change can be implemented before the end of the current subscription. In this case the Kalendar application will credit the difference from the change of the package for future use only to the same company of the connected account. In no case is money returned.
Datanetic Solutions reserves the right to review and update these terms of use at any time and to make any changes known on the terms of use website. If you do not agree to the above terms, you have the right to terminate the use of the services of the Kalendar application. If you continue to use the service, you agree to the terms of use.
Personal data usage data
You can find out about the Privacy Policy by clicking here.
Suspension - Termination
If your activity is suspected of being illegal, your account may be suspended or temporarily disabled. If you have violated the terms of use, we have the right to delete both your email address and password in the application, as well as deactivate the account itself. We will also delete your account as well as all the data contained in it if you request in writing.
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